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Personalizing Pixels
Pixingo is a Web-based personal publishing platform that enables users to print a variety of output including photo cards  
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Consistent Color Proofing
Color proofing is an integral component to both digital and offset print operations. However, digitalís short-run capabilities provide  
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On Demand Tools
Digital print offers many benefits, including profitable short-run print, personalization, and quick turnarounds. However, it also
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Advanced Addressing
Advancements in digital print technology have the potential to transform standard mailings into opportunities
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Professional Photo Services
The photo printing market is expansive. From consumers to hobbyists and professionals, photo prints and merchandise products are in demand. With the adoption of digital-based image capture devices across all ...  More >>>>


The Sustainability of Print
Environmental sustainability is an ongoing responsibly in the forefront of the industry. While some express a certain passion on this front, others go with the flow, while others detest the entire idea. The term "green"... More >>>>


Mutual Benefits
The market for digital packaging and labels continues to show remarkable growth. Smithers Pira predicted this segment at $7.3 billion in 2013. A large portion of this volume includes labels, with a value of $6 billion in 2013óa total of 89.6 percent of all digital packaging. In the research firmís newest report
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Entering a New Dimension
Disruptive technologies drive industry innovation. One of the latest segments to watch is 3D print. Well suited to serve a range of target markets, from the consumer to enterprise, 3D interest and adoption are on the rise. Dr. Conor MacCormack, co-founder/CEO, Mcor Technologies, believes we are at the brink of exponential
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Take Control with MPS
Managed print services (MPS) help organizations of all sizes reduce overall costs, ease the labor of managing a fleet of devices.  ... more >>>

Smooth Transaction
Transactional documents drive growth in digital print. An important segment of the industry, equipment ... more >>>

Improving the Customer Experience
Communication between a client and company is essential to an effective and mutually beneficial ... more >>>

Expanding Presence
Workflow is increasingly important to the efficiency of a modern printing environment. This becomes even
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Dscoop9 Highlights
The Digital Solutions Cooperative (Dscoop) is an organization dedicated to providing business owners with
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The Intricate Web we Weave
Web to print (W2P) solutions target multiple segments, such as print for pay, in plant, and the enterprise. In each category the most
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