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Digital asset management solutions allow for easy access and retrieval of rich media.

By Cassandra Carnes

Digital asset management (DAM) systems are critical for branding as well as the organization of rich-media files. As cross-channel marketing and on demand communications continue to gain popularity, DAM helps keep a companyís assets manageable. Are wide range of vendors offer DAM solutions, either as part of a broader platform or as standalone products. Many solutions are optimized for a specific vertical, while others are designed to generally serve the needs of any organization. Here, we spotlight a sampling of available DAM solutions.

ADAM Software offers two DAM engines, the ADAM DAM Engine and ADAM Workflow Engine. Both solutions provide a basic platform to build applications. These applications consist of an open architecture, which allows the integration of third-party technologies, such as graphical engines and Adobeís Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft SharePoint. ADAMís well-documented APIs enable customers and partners to build their own application on the ADAM platform. In addition to the engines, the company builds business applications for the platform. ADAM offers Web-to-print, print automation, product data management, publishing, and online proofing applications. INFO# 500

CHALEX targets workflows associated with point of sale promotions, packaging, publishing, and advertising in the marketing communications space. Its BizFlo Software as a Service (SaaS) application is deployed through the Amazon cloud. With a workflow engine at its core, BizFlo orchestrates the movement of virtual job bags through workflow models and monitors task completions through a virtual job board. DAM services are managed by the workflow engine and any digital file may be checked in or out of the virtual job bag or saved in user-managed archives for future use. Annotation tools provide users with the ability to comment on the workflow and graphically mark up digital files. BizFlow has both a FLEX and HTML user interface, as well as a rich air client that is able to log into a federated network for distributed BizFlow servers. INFO# 501

Day Software offers DAM for large enterprise customers with complex asset management needs. Its Cq5 DAM provides deep technical integration into Web content management and publishing and focuses on enabling asset-centric applications. INFO# 502

EMC Documentum Digital Asset Manager exposes a set of powerful administration, transformation, and intellectual property rights management capabilities that enable users to fully leverage the value of digital assets. This interface enables users to take advantage of the complete set of content management capabilities offered by the EMC Documentum platform, and manage all their content through a single Web-based interface. INFO# 503

Extensis, a division of Celartem, Inc., offers DAM software that centralizes rich media files. The company provides a series of DAM solutions, targeting specific market segments. Itís Portfolio Server Solution is a powerful dashboard for creative workflows. NetMediaMax is a media-processing engine for Portfolio Server 9; it is designed to automate media and imaging processing for high-volume environments. NetPublish creates dynamic Web sites for the easy distribution of assets, transforming Portfolio Server catalogs into self-service Web portals for colleagues, partners, and vendors. INFO# 504

FatWire is a provider of Web experience management (WEM) solutions with integrated DAM offered through a strategic partnership with EMC. FatWireís WEM solutions include Web content management, content targeting, Web content analytics, social computing, user-generated content, and end user personalization. FatWireís DAM solutions are complementary to the WEM suite and enable marketers to manage digital assets to support the brand in online campaigns and Web presence as a whole. The FatWire DAM Solution by EMC Documentum includes EMCís Media WorkSpace, DAM, and content transformation services. It is a Flash-based visual interface for content transformation, content collections, marketing workflow, and collaboration that enables marketing teams to easily work with images, videos, audio files, and PowerPoint. The FatWire DAM Solution by EMC integrates natively with the FatWire WEM suite for seamless DAM. INFO# 505

Longwood Software is as marketing asset management provider. RevBase is a Web-based, on demand solution for managing and distributing marketing assets, sales tools, and creative materials. The solution is designed to increase sales effectiveness, enhance marketing productivity, and reduce costs. INFO# 506

MediaBeacon is positioned as a total solution for all asset types, including compound documents such as Adobe InDesign. MediaBeacon ships with a video transcoder and allows drag and drop between desktop and solutionóboth in or outówithout a client plug in. MediaBeaconís entire portfolio is built around R3volution DAM v3. Other products include MediaBeacon R3Search, M3taforms, Media Distribution Portal, and Cloud. INFO# 507

North Plains offers a range of DAM and MAM products and modular components to address the needs of different sized organizations, purchasing approaches, and media workflows. At the core is North Plainsí TeleScope, a DAM platform that enables the secure access, management, and distribution of all digital and rich media content across an entire organization. Itís distributed and modular architecture meets the diverse range of media asset needs from small and mid-size businesses and design studios to the most complex business challenges of global enterprises. TeleScope is offered in several different configurations including TeleScope Enterprise, Professional, Studio, OnDemand, and Video Manager 3. INFO# 508

Open Text is a leading provider of media management systems provided as either as enterprise software or hosted offerings. Its Media Management On Demand and Open Text Media Management 7.0 solutions are core components of the Open Text ECM Suite. INFO# 509

PiXlogic provides visual search solutions and automated metadata tagging for images and videos. The companyís flagship product, piXserve, is available in a range of editions covering the needs of workgroups through the enterprise. The solution is a server-based application with an extensive set of features to enable content discovery, auto tagging, and alerting. The software is designed for organizations that have or plan to implement a DAM system and want to reduce the cost of creating search options for their users. INFO# 510

Tera Digital Publishing provides content management systems for newspaper publishing. In the past two years, the company expanded its market scope to radio and other allied fields. Teraís CMSA content management services architecture is positioned for use by system integrators as a platform on which to build complex solutions. Tera offers Tark 4, a generalized DAM product that is not specified for a particular industry. Additionally, its GNPortal solution is a content ingestion and distribution product. INFO# 511

WAVE is a DAM provider serving a variety of markets, such as manufacturing, medical, print, publishing, marketing, and advertising. The companyís DAM solution, MediaBank, specializes in managing, storing, and distributing rich media for companies of all sizes worldwide. INFO# 512

Widen Enterprises, Inc. is a SaaS DAM provider. The company began as a prepress business, developing DAM in support of complex creative workflows and distributed marketing environments. Widen provides its core DAM offering, the Widen Media Collective, a Web-based suite of applications centered around a DAM platform. The core DAM application features Web-based uploading, multiple search methods, version control, on-the-fly file conversion, user access controls, and tracking and reporting tools. Widenís Video Asset Management capabilities are also part of the core DAM application, and include full file previewing and on demand transcoding. Other related applications that comprise the core Widen Media Collective suite include project collaboration, dynamic media building, and an extension of the Widen Media Collective Web-based model, the Widen Appliance. It bridges the gap between the hosted and installed model with a server on the client site to hold a replicate set of data for workgroups requiring local access to digital assets and IT teams requiring assets on-site as part of business continuity planning. INFO# 513

Xinetís traditional strength in DAM surrounds the combination of production and asset management. The solution originally included print production, but has expanded to video and other forms of production. Xinetís WebNative Suite ingests assets and utilizes metadata during production, which makes it easier to interact with other departments and offices. Instead of acting as a repository for fixed assets, WebNative Suite is incorporated into the entire production and creation process. The off-the-shelf solution features a range of tools that automate production and creative workflows for a variety of industries. INFO# 514

If your organization is in the market for a DAM solution, we hope this brief synopsis helps narrow your search. For more information on DAM, our July/August issue features a full-length article on the topic. Also, visit our Target Chart section, featuring a more comprehensive list of DAM solutions providers. dps

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Jul2010, DPS Magazine

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